Our project management tool kit is light and flexible for the ever evolving retail industry.

Online, in store, via phone and delivered to the door that you live behind and we’re working behind the scenes with retailers to improve their systems and connections to make the customer experience better and the retailer more profitable.


Being ready for change, and having the right support in place for your team to embark on a change project is key for success.

There are some specific choices that apply to retail systems (and to fashion retail even more so). we understand the implications of these choices and of making some early, clearly defined decisions that will drive systems and process.

The 6 Rights:

Introducing 6R Retail

At 6R the difference is, we have all done the retail jobs.

We didn’t start out as project managers and consultants; we have years of retail doing behind us. We have worked in retail and wholesale businesses, sourcing, buying, planning and developing product. We know what it’s like when the product isn’t working or sales are tough.

We’ve worked in the support services area, and understand how hard it is to juggle the myriad of projects that important people want delivered yesterday.

We know how frustrating it is to be unable to connect the right information with the right people in the business to make good informed choices and to understand where your customers are and what they need from you.

We support retail change projects through project management and business process improvement. We put our efforts into connecting with people and make projects work from the inside out.

For better retailing.


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