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We are like a mirror; helping you to see what’s in the blind spot when it comes to systems and process improvements.

We want to see Australian brands do better in global retailing. This doesn’t mean just the well known brands; niche players can be very successful too, but a lot of that comes down to being a bit smarter about how we work the ‘rights’.

We use the frames of the 6 Retail Rights to review your business end to end, giving you a whole picture and put forward practical suggestions about how to make things better.

At 6R we get really excited about things that work well and sharing knowledge about systems and process with businesses in a way that helps to leverage technology and improve profit.

Technology projects take a lot of work, and consume effort and energy in a business. If you’re running a successful retail business you know in your gut what’s right, but your expertise is in managing your business, not in looking for technology solutions.

At 6R, we’ve worked on technology projects in and around retail for decades. In that time, we have been part of many successful projects and some failures too. From this we’ve learned a thing or two about what to look out for when selecting systems, changing or upgrading systems and how process improvements can help your team.

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