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Choice. How to make it easier.

Recently, I’ve gone back to having an iphone after having tried both android and windows OS. Choice? Kind of. Mostly it’s easier at home where everyone has the same. It’s fairly typical that when you’re in the adjustment to a new piece of equipment/ way of working phase, it’s easy to note the things that you liked about the old way. One of the great things about the previous phone was that there were a bunch of apps it didn’t have (note that this was also one of the things I didn’t like about the old phone). But, when you don’t have some apps you either skip over that bit or you find another way to do it. Or, to put it another way… (Read more)

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Future trends 2016 and beyond, what’s in store?

Earlier this year, here at 6R we attended a macro trend presentation (looking at big picture consumer trends). The presenters talked about ‘4C thinking’ collaborative, creative, conversational and convergent. This is not a ‘next year’ type of trend forecast but instead a bigger picture ‘stand back and take a look’ at the longer term. (Read more)

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Curation and selection – help me find the right #product

It’s been happening more frequently lately. Finding mid-shop that I have tuned out. Why am I here? What was I looking for? Have I started drooling? Is this a familiar experience for you too? (perhaps the last question is just me)… am I becoming more susceptible to the maze and haze of getting lost in the lights and not finding the product I am looking for? (Read more)

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The Internet of Things and what it means for you.

Just recently in the news Samsung TV’s 'listening' in on our personal conversations has been labelled “outrageous” and reporters have cited George Orwell’s novel 1984 description of tele-screens.  The general vibe is that “we” don’t like it. It is unacceptable and “we” should be able to control where our conversations go and who listens to them. (Read more)

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Curated Retail from the Future Laboratory

Yesterday we were lucky enough to attend the Future Laboratory trend briefing in Sydney, so much to digest and enjoy from this day that gets the big picture thoughts flowing. A little excerpt to share here, one of the Future Laboratory research projects...  'The future of retail is less about choice and more about informed recommendation,' says Chris Sanderson of the Future Laboratory I particularly liked this story that has been documented here about creating fragrance based on each customers preferences and taste (smell).  Wish I was one of the lucky customers!

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