Planning, Checklists and Re-planning for 2021

Planning, Checklists and Re-planning Way back in January 2020, we wrote about re-planning through projects (click here for that post on ‘Planning and Re-planning’). I shared my experience hiking the Kokoda Track. Of how changes come out of left-field, and the need to adapt plans as circumstances change. A plan is evolving based on the […]

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Stronger, Better, Faster – Project Recovery Response

Project Recovery Premise In conversation with an ex-Olympic athlete who was building out a performance recovery range of clothing, I remember him very clearly explaining that at the top level of athletic performance and competition, all things being equal, it’s the athlete who can recover faster and better who is able to perform at a […]

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Thank You (making it specific and genuine)

Thank you Projects by their very nature are often more like a marathon than a sprint. Having water stations along the way in a race creates smaller milestones to look towards and keeps everyone hydrated and less likely to quit from exhaustion. In projects, every win, every milestone, every little bit of progress should be […]

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Software Implementation: Being Live Doesn’t Mean Being Done

Software Project Implementation There are 3 significant phases of software project implementation. The first big piece of work is software selection. The next big piece is the software implementation, which lots of people think that once software implementation is done, they’re done.

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Leading by Example: Actions Speak Louder than Words

It was the first project I had ever worked on. New to Sydney and the company, I was seconded to work on the ERP project as a Subject Matter Expert. Maybe they thought to have someone new would be good for the project? This project was hard work, and I loved every minute. Every day brought […]

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Omnichannel Essentials

A few years ago I got so sick of the word ‘Omnichannel’ that I developed a bit of a nervous tick in reaction to it. A little like the words ‘unprecedented’ and ‘pivot’ in recent times (overuse is exhausting) 😊 Omnichannel, it turns out, is an easy shorthand for the connecting bits that bring digital […]

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