Solving the tough problems for online shopping

Delightful! It has long been the thing that drives me nuts and I did wonder if some clever soul would invent a way to deliver to me at my coffee break but this is way better – it’s already in the car! Will it convince me to buy a Volvo though? Click through to read […]

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Mobile Marketing

With statistics showing that; economy-wide spending fell for the first time in 13 months in September. Can you afford to miss any sales opportunities?

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Target foils my brain!

I had a week of reading and listening about the brain and it’s many shortcuts last week. Belle Beth Cooper has written a few articles for Fast company and I have also been re-watching Tod Sampson on i-view and his brain training series.

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What’s in it for me? As a loyal (lazy) customer.

We moved house in June. When we bought the new place, we knew it would need some work. Just how quickly that work was required was not obvious to me at the time of purchase but in spite of many dramas including a small flood in the first week I have been impressed beyond expectation […]

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