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12 point Christmas Holiday Checklist for Business

Updated 3 December 2019 What do you think when someone mentions Christmas & summer holidays? My mind goes to lazy days spent at the beach, BBQs, warm balmy evenings that go on forever. Relaxation, a chance to recharge and reconnect. Then you remember you are a business owner, you have the lead up to Christmas to get through first, and that ‘ can almost taste summer’ feeling quickly evaporates. But it needn’t be the case if you start preparing early enough. It is easy to get caught up in overwhelm but like all things; The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney We have put together a quick Christmas Holiday checklist to help you prepare for the "silly season": Christmas Cards Christmas Party Marketing Plans, Goals, Strategies & Steps Schedule Blog Posts, Social Media & Newsletters Christmas Branding Christmas & New Year Promotions Review Subscriptions Review Cash Flow Review Team Cover Review Emails Let People Know Book in for Beautification (Read more)

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Get organised with a Christmas Holiday Checklist

This time next month Christmas will have been and gone for another year. I'll let that sit with you for a minute. What's the overriding emotion? A stomach clenching "oh no!" not yet - I am not ready? or a sense of calm - you've got this! Which one are you experiencing? Maybe you are somewhere in-between and that's ok too. If you are sitting there calmly, we would love to hear how you broke it down to achieve your list (yep permission to gloat).  If you are the sitting there with heart racing, wide-eyed, stomach clenched, take a deep breath and read on. (Read more)

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Integration Basics | 3 key items that must touch finance in real time

Last week we talked a little about systems and some key points about systems that guide on knowing if you have a 'good fit'. Integration can be a messy business to understand and sometimes even when you think the system is ONE it turns out that it isn’t really. (Read more)

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Collective effort requires collaborative PLM software

Last week at The Collective X Vivid Ideas  it was exciting to learn from Matt Symons that peer to peer lending and getting a credit score without trashing your own rating is now available to all of us. He related experiences in challenging the standard way of doing things and shared that some of the results were unexpected. (Read more)

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End of Financial Year – Are you ready?

It’s that time of year again (it comes around too quickly)! As we head into June the preparation and count down to the end of financial year is on. Get organised, get it happening early. This handy checklist devised by 6R's Financial expert Jenny Pittar, is divided into four easy sections so you can attack each part of the end of year finances over the next four weeks and sail into the end of year knowing you are on top of it. Download it now below.  

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Technology can make life better

At 6R one of the most satisfying aspects of the work we do is to support making technology (and thereby life) work better for our clients. People, as a general rule are very industrious and we are constantly impressed and amazed at how people create workarounds to get to the meat of their purpose. When we show them how technology whether that be a PLM system or ERP or any merchandise system can automate the boring bits for them and how they can spend that time focusing on other aspects of their work, well, that’s pretty special. That is also why we are always on the lookout for and keen to try new technology. Below are a couple that we have tried and tested. (Read more)

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