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Customer experience comes back to retail basics (the personal touch)

Customer experience doesn’t have to be high tech to be good. As we navigate all the different ways of interacting, remembering the retail basics of personal touch, makes all the difference, not just in terms of experience but also in terms of sales. Research indicates that 95% of customers (Zendesk) share bad experiences with others, and 65% are frustrated by inconsistent experiences across channels (Accenture). Customer focused retailers are working hard to improve these statistics by combining online booking systems with in store experiences. (Read more)

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How to… Make Returns work for you

I have a very reluctant shopper in the form of a 14 year old boy at my house I am told, there will be a point in the future where he is much more interested in appearance than the current slouching about in tracky dacks suggests, but until this manifests itself I am stuck. Shopping with my son is like taking an old blind arthritic dog who wants to stay at home and lie on the couch for a walk. Not fun :/ (Read more)

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Get the basics right for Mothers day

Mothers day can be a big deal to some retailers; it can be a mother load of work too. I caught up with a friend who works on the shop floor in a womens wear brand after the mothers day weekend last year and her observations were really interesting. She was working the day before mothers day on her own. As she described her day and experiences it seemed so simple the things that didn’t go so well. (Read more)

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Vintage furs; a Place for repurposed beauties

I went for a walk down memory lane over the Easter weekend. When lived in McKinnon, no one had heard of it. The local strip shopping was an empty place; an unloved looking Rite-Way, a butcher and a milk bar where we could spend our 5 cents per day pocket money on a few cobbers and some chocolate buds. (Read more)

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Solving the tough problems for online shopping

Delightful! It has long been the thing that drives me nuts and I did wonder if some clever soul would invent a way to deliver to me at my coffee break but this is way better - it's already in the car! Will it convince me to buy a Volvo though? Click through to read about this clever idea here. 

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Mobile Marketing

With statistics showing that; economy-wide spending fell for the first time in 13 months in September.  Can you afford to miss any sales opportunities? (Read more)

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