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What price do we place on transparency?

Transparency of price and cost, and the somewhat related trend towards supply chain transparency, has the capacity to better inform customers, at the point of purchase, about the distribution of payment that goes back through the chain; something I would welcome in my weekly grocery shop! Exposing the right information to customers, and hitting the sweet spot on price first time has a lot of benefit for retailers too; less spent on markdowns, inventory stagnating and greater awareness of when and at what price to introduce new product. (Read more)

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How to… Garment Costing

Recently I was reminded how easy it is for an outsider (i.e. someone who has not worked at the coalface of garment manufacturing) to look at running a fashion label and think that ‘anyone could do that’. It seems the equivalent of abstract art (my 5 year old could do better) or running a café (how many have I seen open and close on my block alone); lots of people with no idea how to do it think it looks pretty easy and massively profitable. It’s not... Easy or massively profitable. Don’t get me wrong it CAN be profitable. (Read more)

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Is it time for a price review?

The first week of a new financial year is a good time to look at the market and perform a competitive review of your pricing strategy. We’ve had a number of conversations recently with clients about price, so thought it would be worth sharing some starting points here. (Read more)

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