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Curation and selection – help me find the right #product

It’s been happening more frequently lately. Finding mid-shop that I have tuned out. Why am I here? What was I looking for? Have I started drooling? Is this a familiar experience for you too? (perhaps the last question is just me)… am I becoming more susceptible to the maze and haze of getting lost in the lights and not finding the product I am looking for? (Read more)

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Expert marketing at work | London M&Ms world

If you’ve ever watched the Gruen Transfer you would be familiar with the idea that if you have a product that is basically sugar, then the default marketing position is that you sell ‘happiness’. Mr Wonka knew that it was all about the experience and so too do the clever people behind the concept of M&M’s world. It has been said that “…a store is so much more than a sales channel; it is the physical manifestation of a brand. It is the only opportunity that customers have to engage with all five senses.” (Read more)

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Get the basics right for Mothers day

Mothers day can be a big deal to some retailers; it can be a mother load of work too. I caught up with a friend who works on the shop floor in a womens wear brand after the mothers day weekend last year and her observations were really interesting. She was working the day before mothers day on her own. As she described her day and experiences it seemed so simple the things that didn’t go so well. (Read more)

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Keeping an Eye on your Customers Neighbours

The renovating next door really hasn't been that much of an intrusion and my philosophy is very much that you just have to tolerate building works on the grounds that you may require a similar level of tolerance yourself one day. However, this was a delightful surprise! Cape Cod (who are the contractors doing the renovation) sent me this lovely offer in the mail. Who wouldn’t take up a magazine subscription? What a clever way to keep your customers neighbours on side AND to recruit possible future customers. Thank you Cape Cod

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Mobile Marketing

With statistics showing that; economy-wide spending fell for the first time in 13 months in September.  Can you afford to miss any sales opportunities? (Read more)

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What’s in it for me? As a loyal (lazy) customer.

We moved house in June. When we bought the new place, we knew it would need some work. Just how quickly that work was required was not obvious to me at the time of purchase but in spite of many dramas including a small flood in the first week I have been impressed beyond expectation with the service that the parade of tradies have provided. Not so with the insurer. (Read more)

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