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What price do we place on transparency?

Transparency of price and cost, and the somewhat related trend towards supply chain transparency, has the capacity to better inform customers, at the point of purchase, about the distribution of payment that goes back through the chain; something I would welcome in my weekly grocery shop! Exposing the right information to customers, and hitting the sweet spot on price first time has a lot of benefit for retailers too; less spent on markdowns, inventory stagnating and greater awareness of when and at what price to introduce new product. (Read more)

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How To… Best Sellers

If you were to suddenly be given extra $$ OTB would you know where to invest it? or where not to invest it? Following on from our ‘How to…..Sales Reporting’ Post we spoke of generally* needing around 5 key reports for any given area of a business and one of the most popular (behind Daily Sales) is a Best Sellers report, or even better a Best & Worst Sellers, as you can learn just as much from the worst sellers. (Read more)

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How to… Sales Reporting

Have you heard of analysis paralysis? It's real and easy to fall prey to, but not if you keep in mind there are two key factors with reporting: Make it Rich in information Make it Actionable Consider as reports are developed and become part of the day to day in your business; what will I DO with this information? (Read more)

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