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Omnichannel Segments
6R Retail have been working with retailers for over a decade connecting stores to back office systems and rolling out ecommerce sites that help retailers and their customers bring the digital and physical closer.
All retailers are excited about creating new features for customers so they can, buy online pick up in store, order instore to have shipped to your home, redeem or buy a gift voucher in any location and seamlessly process returns in the most convenient way. To do it well you need to have your house in order when it comes to some retail foundations. In our 5 part video series we share insights we’ve learned from implementing omnichannel retail features and look ahead to what might be next for retailers. We’ll cover:
  1. Ship from Store – or ‘Floor to door’ as it is sometimes called, is a powerful way to offer inventory that is in your store network and make it shoppable to online customers.
  2. Click & Collect – I have often described the click and collect customer as the hardest working customer! Not only, are they prepared to research online and purchase without having seen the product, but they are also going to do the leg work for you and come and get it from the store!
  3. Endless Aisle – One of the best ways to maximise your inventory across your store network is to unlock the ability to sell inventory from wherever it is to the customer who is standing in front of you.
  4. Redemption & Refunds – In this session we’re going to talk about omnichannel payment processes. This is less of a ‘how to’ and more of a ‘things to think about’ type of session because a lot of what goes into refunds and redemptions isn’t exactly within your control.
  5. Transition Service – If you’ve got all the connected inventory, pick ups and payment processes working then perhaps you’re thinking about what else customers might find helpful right now. What else will make a difference for you and your customers in connecting the digital and physical stores in your network?

Leonie McCarthy

Leonie has supported project teams delivering merchandising, property, design, ERP, PLM, ecommerce, CRM and digital marketing systems. 

She is the owner of 6R Retail and works with a talented team of retail experts to service some of Australia’s best known and emerging retail businesses.

6R strongly believe in the value of life long learning and are sharing knowledge with the intent that it be used to help Australian retailers improve their omnichannel capabilities. 

Leonie McCarthy of 6R Retail


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