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6R Retail are Retail Project Specialist.

We work with the client to ensure they have done all the things they need to do to create the right environment for a successful project that is aligned with what the software provider is going to deliver.

We work with the software provide to lift or adjust their style or process to make sure they are communicating well with the client.

We are advocates for our clients.

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Is your list of projects to implement overwhelming?

6R work in partnership with businesses to manage and deliver projects with a focus on strategy and business benefit.

Want your processes to be better understood and documented?

6R work through the entire process to ensure that team members understand what they’re supposed to be doing and have working examples and clear places to look to solve problems for themselves.

Project management can be all about Gantt charts, timelines and procedures. Whilst these tools are important the underlying alignment to strategy and people’s readiness for change in action is what makes a project succeed.

We are like a mirror; helping you to see what’s in the blind spot when it comes to systems and process improvements.

We want to see Australian brands do better in global retailing. This doesn’t mean just the well known brands; niche players can be very successful too, but a lot of that comes down to being a bit smarter about how we work the ‘rights’.

We use the frames of the 6 Retail Rights to review your business end to end, giving you a whole picture and put forward practical suggestions about how to make things better.

At 6R we get really excited about things that work well and sharing knowledge about systems and process with businesses in a way that helps to leverage technology and improve profit.
Technology projects take a lot of work, and consume effort and energy in a business. If you’re running a successful retail business you know in your gut what’s right, but your expertise is in managing your business, not in looking for technology solutions.

At 6R, we’ve worked on technology projects in and around retail for decades. In that time, we have been part of many successful projects and some failures too. From this we’ve learned a thing or two about what to look out for when selecting systems, changing or upgrading systems and how process improvements can help your team.

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The 6 Rights of Retail are founded on the 4 marketing pillars Product, Price, Place, Promotion, which are the backbone of retail businesses.

When you are looking at a retail business through those lenses and you include merchandise planning, you are looking at adding quantity to that mix which becomes another right of retail.

Fundamentally you can’t deliver any of the rights of retail without having the right people on your team.

So that is where the 6R; the 6 Rights of Retail comes from.

We then tweak that frame to assist business in terms of their adjustments to change projects.


6R have mastered the art of walking the fine line between the agency and the brand and makes sure the dynamic between all stakeholders is positive & outcome focused. What really stood out for us is Leonie’s ability to make our team feel comfortable even in the midst of the most challenging project situations. She did that by being transparent, calm and reasonable at all times.
Fatima Said
CEO, ewave Digital Agency
Leonie was fantastic to work with on a complex multi-vendor implementation. Her ability to drive the best business outcome enabled the delivery of an on time, on budget ecomm platform. Notwithstanding technology complexities, Leonie's ability to navigate vendor and change management challenges meant the best possible outcome was delivered to all parties.
William On
Co-Founder & Joint CEO, Shippit
Thank you and Rob, you have been such an important difference in launching our United Ecommerce project, we could not have got there without your efforts. We appreciate all your hard work, sanity and advice. We really have enjoyed working with you and I am sure will work with you again on future projects. Keep well through these difficult times and stay in touch Thank you again for everything - working with you made all the difference and guaranteed its successful launch
Alla Buinowicz
Managing Director, Taking Shape


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