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Humans ARE underrated

It was actually the title of the book that swayed me, it’s a sentiment that I have expressed myself to clients, you can never be sure about people, sometimes they surprise you. In a good way (acknowledging also that sometimes they surprise me not in a good way). So what does Geoff Colvin have to say about the future of machines taking over our work? Of coming to terms with the fact that many tasks, even those high-value tasks like legal advice can be to a great extent be better done by machines? (Read more)

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See you in 2016

#connection My "word" for 2016 is connection, which you will hear more about later. For now, while connecting is very much foremost in mind, it is going on behind the scenes. (Read more)

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Why connecting is so important

Saturday had us setting up cake stalls and BBQs, looking out at the less than fabulous weather and wondering if we would be lucky and have the sun come out. We were focused on our kids and their sport and our little community of rowing endeavour. Someone mentioned there had been an attack in #Paris, but I was so completely engrossed in our activities that I failed to fully comprehend the loss of life until I returned home and watched the news. (Read more)

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