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Customer experience on tour

Family holiday and we have arrived in Cardiff in Wales to see the Australia V Fiji game (Rugby World Cup 2015), we are exploring from our hotel after having a delayed flight and a quite early start from Dublin. Everyone is hungry verging on hangry and we happen upon a place that looks OK, they do eggs and the coffee looks good (this covers my two essential morning ‘eins’ protein and caffeine). We are greeted, seated, fed and caffeined well. The food, service and coffee all get ticks from the family group. (Read more)

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Don’t overdo the machines (how to improve process for customers experiences)

Children are expensive. Modern children more so, since they seem to have requirements for all sorts of electronic devices that have replaced the somewhat innocent desires of my childhood – to be able to be in charge of my own radio?! (Read more)

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Keeping an Eye on your Customers Neighbours

The renovating next door really hasn't been that much of an intrusion and my philosophy is very much that you just have to tolerate building works on the grounds that you may require a similar level of tolerance yourself one day. However, this was a delightful surprise! Cape Cod (who are the contractors doing the renovation) sent me this lovely offer in the mail. Who wouldn’t take up a magazine subscription? What a clever way to keep your customers neighbours on side AND to recruit possible future customers. Thank you Cape Cod

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