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Future trends 2016 and beyond, what’s in store?

Earlier this year, here at 6R we attended a macro trend presentation (looking at big picture consumer trends). The presenters talked about ‘4C thinking’ collaborative, creative, conversational and convergent. This is not a ‘next year’ type of trend forecast but instead a bigger picture ‘stand back and take a look’ at the longer term. (Read more)

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The Internet of Things and what it means for you.

Just recently in the news Samsung TV’s 'listening' in on our personal conversations has been labelled “outrageous” and reporters have cited George Orwell’s novel 1984 description of tele-screens.  The general vibe is that “we” don’t like it. It is unacceptable and “we” should be able to control where our conversations go and who listens to them. (Read more)

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Mobile Marketing

With statistics showing that; economy-wide spending fell for the first time in 13 months in September.  Can you afford to miss any sales opportunities? (Read more)

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