WHO are 6R?

Maybe it’s easier to answer that with who are we not?

We’re not the big end of town consultants who charge a small fortune to tell you something you already know in such general terms as to be ‘true, but not actionable’.

We’re not so large that you need a dictionary to be able to talk to us in our language or an internal directory to find out who you need to talk to about the specifics of ‘this’ task or topic.

We’re not about ticking the box and getting the project ‘live’ but with no realised business value and benefit.

WHAT do 6R do?

If you need a label for it, we manage projects, but we bring more than just standing up the tech on a project. We go beyond the implementation of tech and focus on business benefits to your teams.

We work with implementation teams; navigating that space between vendor and client to ensure that we set up the working relationship for positive outcomes.

We work with business teams; interpreting what they need to do in their jobs and translate this into new software systems and help them figure out paths through that system.

We work with executive teams; managing the path forward, escalating issues that need resolution and offering ideas and guidance for ways to improve and embed good project practice in the business.

WHERE do we do it?

From where ever you are. Have bag, can travel (within reason), we have consultants in Sydney and Melbourne.

It is our firm belief that there is nothing that replaces face to face working together.

We need to spend time with you. That means being present in your office (not all the time, we have homes of our own 😊) to ensure that we’re available to hear what’s going on and connect to all the nuances of daily life in your business.

WHY do we do it?

We just can’t help ourselves! We really enjoy the adventure that each new project brings. There’s a wealth of experience we’ve gained from each project we’ve delivered.

We love the opportunity to learn new things, learn from the teams we work with and continue to grow and develop ourselves and our clients.

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Working Together in Retail

We work to ensure that the effort we put in to technology projects and improving systems, get results that people are really interested in getting.

“No matter how much tech you throw at something, if the people involved aren’t working with you, then you have nothing.”

So much of the time, in business, we see the front, customer facing part of a business works well but behind that, the experience for the staff, is pretty horrible.

They’re running around getting more and more work that’s less and less meaningful trying to keep more and more plates spinning in the air and that’s kind of exhausting and not very fulfilling.

Richard Branson says: “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.”

To make a retail business work well you need all the ‘rights’ aligned and working well, but if you had to choose a most important one, it’s got to be #people. It’s the critical success ingredient in everything, no matter what your industry.

“People are the key to everything. Get that ‘right’ and everything else is easier”

6R Retail

What you can expect from us

We’ve all worked in retail and understand that whilst there are some fundamentals that frame our thinking, there’s a range of what’s “RIGHT” for each retail business.

We frame each business using the retail RIGHTS of; people, product, price, place, promotion and quantity to look at the whole business.

When you work with us you can expect us to:

1. Understand the ‘now’ first

This is an often overlooked step in improving process. Until we understand the processes that exist and are in place (both aspirational process and actual process) we cannot really improve.

We have noticed, that often the process of understanding process, creates a clarity about what to do ‘next.’

2. Say what’s so (with empathy)

Have you ever felt like there’s something really obvious that people are all talking around? If we can see it, we’ll say it. As nicely as we can.

There are often some hard things to acknowledge in change projects, it’s important to confront those things honestly and with some empathy, we strive to be empathetic to our clients’ needs and to say the things that need to be said to help them find the purpose to establish ‘what’s next.’

3. Be our best for our clients (mind, body and spirit)

We know that we can’t be our best for clients without being at our best selves. Taking care of mind and body and feeding the soul is an important part of how we strive to work (noting here that whilst we strive for this it needs refocus from time to time).

4. Do what we say we’re going to

It’s frustrating when you’re counting on someone to deliver and things don’t happen as planned. If things aren’t going to plan we communicate as soon as we know and let you know what we’re doing to get it back on track.

5. Look for the learning in every situation

Learning is a lifelong quest. We learn from our success and mistakes (and those of our clients). Great learning opportunities come from failures, and whilst we love it when things go to plan, it’s the unexpected that often provides the greatest insight for next time.

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